Donation of PT MMP to Several Hospitals in Indonesia for COVID-19 Prevention

As COVID-19 pandemic is still increasingly spreading in Indonesia, PT Mega Medica Pharmaceuticals (MMP) has responded and aims to giving meaningful contribution by donating its flagship immunomodulatory supplement products, Channa and Striatamin, to medical staffs in various hospitals throughout Indonesia. It is expected that the donation can help to maintain the immunity of medical staffs who deal with COVID-19 cases. The donations were given to the representatives of RSUD Ungaran and RS Karyadi in Central Java, RS Soetomo in East Java, and RS Grandmed in North Sumatra during March – April 2020.

Furthermore, the management of PT MMP through its representatives expressed their prayers and concerns regarding this pandemic and addressed messages to the medical staffs to always maintain their personal health.  Acknowledgments were conveyed by representatives from each hospital. They mentioned that the donation of immunostimulant supplements are very much needed by the medical staffs who have directly and daily contacted with COVID-19 patients. By increasing the immunity of the medical staffs, it is expected that the risk of contracting the disease can also be reduced.