Snakehead Fish (Channa Striata) Extract with High Albumin Content


Channa OHT

Oral Albumin Capsule from Channa striata extract that has received a Certificate of Standardized Herbal Medicine (Obat Herbal Terstandar/OHT)

Channa Blister

Oral Albumin Capsule from Channa striata extract processed with low temperature in order to maintain protein and albumin content

Channa Plus

Combination of Channa striata extract and high dose of sea cucumber extract for malnutrition patient, increase albumin contents, and speed up wound healing process


Combination of Channa striata extract, honey, Phyllanthus urinaria, and ginger as immunomodulator to increase immune systems


Combination of Channa striata extract and turmeric extract to maintain protein and albumin content

Halal and BPOM Certification

Channa is certified safe to consume from BPOM and certified Halal from MUI

Clinical Trial

PT Mega Medica Pharmaceuticals has conducted clinical trials in some hospital in Indonesia to post-operation patient. The results, albumin content increase in post-operation patient.

RSUP Fatmawati Jakarta
Patient Participated

With Channa 3×2 capsules prescription

0 %
Increase in Albumin Content

From 2,8 mg/dL to 3,4 mg/dL after 7 days of consumption

RSUP Kariadi Semarang
Patient Participated

With Channa 3×2 capsules prescription

0 %
Increase in Pre-Albumin Content

From 0,8 mg/dL to 4,1 mg/dL after 5 days of consumption

RSUD Dr. Moewardi Surakarta
Patient Participated
0 g/dL
Average Albumin Increase

With Channa Plus 3×1 sachet prescription in 6 days

Snakehead Fish Aquaculture with IoT

Snakehead Fish (Channa Striata) that is used to produce Channa is bred by PT Mega Medica Pharmaceuticals in North Sumatra with water management using IoT (Internet of Things). The sensor that is placed on water will detect the changes in oxygen, temperature, and pH. The changes of the environment will be sent to our server that can be control in real time. The snakehead fish with control breeding environment contains more albumin and protein compared to wild snakehead fish.

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