The Signing of Research Collaboration Agreement between PT MMP and FK USU

Initiated by a discussion conducted in early January 2020 between Mr. Guntur Berlian, M.Si, the Scientific Affairs Manager of PT Mega Medica Pharmaceuticals (MMP) and Dr. rer medic. dr. M. Ihwan, M.Sc from the Faculty of Medicine (FK) of the University of North Sumatra (USU), a research collaboration plan between MMP and FK USU has been arranged. Following that, on Wednesday, 12 February 2020, the Reseach Collaboration Agreement between PT MMP and Pusat Unggulan Iptek (PUI) Tissue Engineering FK USU was signed by Drs. Sutristo, the Director of PT MMP and Prof. Dr. dr. Delfitri Munir Sp. THT-KL (K), the Chairman of PUI USU.

On this occasion, Prof. Dr. dr. Delfitri Munir Sp. THT-KL (K) expressed his positive response to this research collaboration plan. He considers that the research project will be a strategic collaboration and in accordance with the spirit of collaboration between academics and private sectors wherein it is often carried out individually. In addition, the MMP’s Director conveyed his enthusiasm to this collaboration. He believes that the results of this collaboration will bring many benefits not only to both parties, but also to the public in general.

As a company that focuses on the product development and drug supplements from the snakehead fish (Channa striata), PT MMP offers collaborative research to evaluate the potential of its four promising products, namely Channa Immuno, Channa Film, Channa Centella and Channa Bajakah, in their activities as immunomodulators, wound healing, memory enhancer and anti-cancer, respectively. This collaboration aims to be beneficial for both parties, both in terms of research funding and joint use of the research data results.

Furthermore, both parties agreed to immediately arrange and discuss the research proposal and addendum of the agreement which will include more details and technical aspects of the project. Lastly, both parties expressed their hope that this collaboration could positively contribute to science advancement and bring significant benefit for human health.