Snakehead Fish Farming using Water Quality Sensor and AI

Biofloc fish farming is becoming a trend in farming fish in Indonesia. However, there is one new innvoation from PT Mega Medica Pharmaceuticals, the ability to capture water quality data using sensor. The sensor is placed in a styrofoam that makes the sensor float. The sensor is covered using cylinder pipe so that it protects the sensor from rain and heat.

Floating sensor that is place on the pond and connected to internet to capture the data of water quality

The sensor are able to record water quality such as temperatur, oxygen, TDS, pH and turbidity. The data is stored in server that can be maintain by farmer in real-time. The sensor will be able to connect with other fishery machines to improve the water quality, such as aerator machine (oxygen pump) that can turn on by itself when the oxygen level is below the standard that has been set by farmer.

Pemantauan kualitas air secara real-time melalui handphone

The data that is recorded from water quality sensor will be processed using Artificial Intellligence that is conducted by BINUS University as research partner of PT Mega Medica Pharmaceuticals. The results of the processed data will be used for genotyping snakehead fish that is conducted by Genetics Indonesia as research partner of PT Mega Medica Pharmaceuticals